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Hello 2011. I’m not gonna blabber about the overrated long list of New Year resolutions that everybody makes during that time of year. It’s basically out with the bad stuff and in with the new for me, but not necessarily in with the good ones since I don’t know any way of filtering those out. I’m not making any sense here am I?

Anyway, I recently got my hands on this really cool application called Photaf 3D Panorama. It creates, well…Panoramas. The free version is typically what you would get on a free app namely, the basic app function and ads, ads and did I mention ads? The Pro version on the other hand gives you the ability to take HD panoramas and gets rid of those ads.

Rule of thumb? No picture, No talk. So here you go.

SM City Cyberzone and Northwing respectively. Although not quite as powerful as the RobotView, It is quite a sufficient app to have if you want simple panoramic pictures.

If you are running on Android and would like a copy of the app feel free to ask. I might give you something “extra” since it’s the start of 2011.

More at my Flickr page.


image image

I have absolutely nothing to do this Monday afternoon and it’s so damn fuckin hot outside so…Bah whatever. Here.

This is an update to the one I posted over at my deviantart gallery. This homescreen was supposed to mimic Gaia desktop themes but failed miserably. Haha.

Okay, credits time.

Wallpaper is from imrik.

Dock is from the wonderful people of

Widgets: Clockr, Beautiful Widgets, Smooth Calendar, Switcherpro, Battstat.

The Optimus One event

Posted: November 14, 2010 in Techtalk
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LG did a discount event for Optimus P500 last Saturday at SM City Cebu where they gave away the 2.2 Froyo phone for 50% off. For an event who had had no advertising whatsoever, I was quite surprised the turnout was massive but then again, was quite diminutive for an Android event.

I got my Android earlier so I figured I’d check out the event anyway. So I found some friends who were there since the mall opened and had to wait hours before the sale would start.

The sale was supposed to run for just an hour and LG decided to have only the first 200 people to avail the discount and have them claim the handset at their main office. Hell, my friends were on top 100 but when LG started giving away the top 200 list form everything went chaotic.

We ended up with nothing in the end. What a bummer.