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I have absolutely nothing to do this Monday afternoon and it’s so damn fuckin hot outside so…Bah whatever. Here.

This is an update to the one I posted over at my deviantart gallery. This homescreen was supposed to mimic Gaia desktop themes but failed miserably. Haha.

Okay, credits time.

Wallpaper is from imrik.

Dock is from the wonderful people of

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Yui Rain

Posted: November 28, 2010 in Music

After 17 chart-topping singles, Yui yet again has proven her spot in the japanese music industry. Her 18th single, called Rain made its way through various music bars on the 24th and I have to say, after 6 years in the business, she has not lost her touch. She is still the same Yui-chan we all came to love.

The title track, Rain may sound similar to her past singles like Summer Song and Laugh Away, still displaying that traditional Yui-trademarked style but this song is so easy to love both with its lyrics and music. It tells about the singer waiting for her lover one Christmas eve but it turned out the guy did not show up. The girl waited and waited until the rain soaked her wet but it still playing the martyr role of wishing the guy well wherever he may be. That melancholic message paired with pop rock, upbeat music made it one of my new favorite.

The b-side of the single called “a room” (yes, typecasted that way similar to “to Mother”. What’s the deal?) is a mid-tempo acoustic love song about taking a step forward towards love and all that. Not really digging it but beautiful nonetheless. Listen to it on a rainy day looking outside from your window. Mushy.

The last offering is an acoustic version of her past track, How Crazy from her album, Can’t Buy My Love. Nothing really new except, well, it’s an acoustic version so you get the picture.

Rain is a single both Yui fans or not could really love. There is really something to like on every song Yui releases and every album or single is something to look forward to. This single has yet again put her up on another notch among artists. 4.5 out of 5.

Was gone in Split/Second

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Gaming

Disney Interactive just released it’s official port of their hit racing game, Split/Second on the PSP last week. Now, don’t let the Disney tag fool you as this mean title packs a meaner punch all in portable glory.

While it may not be as glossy and polished compared to its PS3 big brother, the game definitely retains its adrenaline-thumping factor. The beauty is still retained in this PSP port namely, bridge collapsing over your head, gasoline stations exploding, trucks getting blown to bits and airplanes crashing – all to stop you from getting to finish line. The graphics could have been a little more smoother and animations more fluid as seen on other racing games like the Wipeout series but the action definitely delivered what the graphic department has not. It’s not that bad. Really.

The gameplay hasn’t strayed away from the original. So if you owned the PS3 (or any console) version I could not find any logical reason why you would purchase this. One thing you would love (or hate) about Split/Second is the fact that no race is the same. Even if you think there would be no way your opponent could catch up to you when you are a seconds ahead of them, you are screwed. It’s definitely nerve-wrecking when your almost at the finish line when all of a sudden you lost control of your car ’cause of a nearby explosion caused by a Powerplay. All of that adding to the game experience.

On the sound department, I wouldn’t say it’s bad or good. Some techno/rock/powerpop tunes in here. Nothing too remarkable.

In a nutshell, If you haven’t checked out the console version this one is definitely worth the buck. We have seen racing games with premise like these but Split/Second’s game design is really pretty intense. Got a console? Get that version for full gaming experience.

4 out of 5 stars.

The Optimus One event

Posted: November 14, 2010 in Techtalk
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LG did a discount event for Optimus P500 last Saturday at SM City Cebu where they gave away the 2.2 Froyo phone for 50% off. For an event who had had no advertising whatsoever, I was quite surprised the turnout was massive but then again, was quite diminutive for an Android event.

I got my Android earlier so I figured I’d check out the event anyway. So I found some friends who were there since the mall opened and had to wait hours before the sale would start.

The sale was supposed to run for just an hour and LG decided to have only the first 200 people to avail the discount and have them claim the handset at their main office. Hell, my friends were on top 100 but when LG started giving away the top 200 list form everything went chaotic.

We ended up with nothing in the end. What a bummer.

Vignette Round 2

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Photos and Design

Got these photos still using Vignette for Android. Pics are a little bit moody.

IcedThe World as We Know it


More at my Flickr page.

Scott Pilgrim arrives!

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Movies

I was disappointed big time when I found out Scott Pilgrim would not be shown in theatres locally- and yesterday marked the end of my agonizing wait for the BR release. I got a copy of it (downloaded, since I’m a cheapo) and spent no second wasted and watched it before hitting the sack. This, I might say has been one of my most anticipated movies ever since I saw the hype over at

The story is fairly straightforward, doesn’t really require much thinking and that is why it was a fun movie to watch. It involves 22-year old, bass player of the band Sex Bob-omb, (Hats off to you if you know where the name is from) Scott Pilgrim who fell for  Ramona Flowers and in order to win her, our guy must defeat all of Ramona’s SEVEN! EVIL! EX! BOYFRIENDS! (That’s how they say it in the movie. Exclamation points and all). The movie would puzzle some people not familiar with video game and comic icons as it really depicts full geek imagery in all of its beautiful glory in forms such as enemies exploding into coins when defeated, the popular 1-UP, flaming katanas, Hit combos, beat-em-up references and a plethora of kick-ass moves – well, it was based off a graphic novel of the same name so you get the picture.

It was really a fun movie to watch, might disappoint some who simply do not know what a “64-Hit Combo” is or what a “1-UP” could do, but overall it delivered quite well to my liking. Now let me go back to beating the game…

Pictures through Vignette

Posted: October 26, 2010 in Photos and Design

I’ve recently toyed around with Vignette, an app for Android similar to that of iPhone/Touch’s Instagram. Really cool with its numerous lense effects and frames and it adds quite the difference with the 3MP camera that the Spica has. Took some photos while  going to and from work the other day.

Ominous 2 Toycam

Vignette totally replaced my stock camera as its primary picture-taking tool. The pro version supports up to 5MP resolution with 62 effects and 21 frames to be exact and you could edit any existing photo you may have on your gallery.

More pictures at my Flickr page.