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Pwning the “Copy Protected”

Posted: January 28, 2011 in Randomness, Techtalk

If you are like me hanging around Deviantart or Flickr chances are, you have encountered those gorgeous prints and photos. You right click over them, searches the “Save As” option but disappointment sets in to find out these are copy protected files. Sure, you can do the traditional Print Screen method but you don’t have a cropping tool with you.

If you are using Google Chrome (a different method with Firefox), there is a very easy way around this. Here’s how.

  • Right click on the image you wish to save. Choose “Inspect Element”
  • A small frame would appear below the browser’s page. Go to “Resources” tab on that frame. Whatever you choose from the 2 options is up to you. Click on “Enable Resource Tracking” right after.
  • After enabling that option, another frame would appear on the left side. You would then want to go to “Images” tab on the “Resources” subcategory.
  • When you are on it, Scroll down to find that image on the images list and Save.

Simple, Idiot-proof and effective. Happy stealing pirates.



Sleep is Awesome

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Randomness

Yogu Sunday

Posted: December 30, 2010 in Randomness

I love Yogurt.

And so the images from the past week’s Yogu visit cometh.

Shell Station. Vintage Camera filter.

Bottomless coffee for 40?

Portra + Extra Vignette

Yogu + Peaches.

More at my Flickr page.


Monday Closet Cleaning

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Randomness

Heavy rain this Monday afternoon and was totally bummed out cause I can’t get out of the house. Initially planned to go out to get some stuff for the party but since I’m stuck, decided to do that long overdue closet cleaning. No skeletons here.

So I found my old but new Granado Espada Original Soundtrack, the first volume still in pristine condition, no scratches whatsoever. In fact, quite the virgin as she has not been played. No pun intended. Another Granado Espada item, a Pioneer’s manual that came with the soundtrack. A glass-encased Limited Edition Jirachi card from Japan which my Japanese/Korean friend, Jin gave me. My old  but new (not again) Magic the Gathering cards which I never learned to master cause the cards are very expensive considering I was just a high-schooler when I tried playing. A Granado Espada National Tournament Champion medal I got way back 2008? Was held at One Esplanade. Veyaleecious was CM back then. An unused Audio Technica ONTO headphones that I never got to use. Tested it once and put it in the case after. It looks so delicate and was worried I might break the wire headband. Might use it one of these days and lastly my Ink’d Skullcandy earphones. Very much used but still very good in audio quality output. Online reviews stated the Ink’d has durability issues but it seems to hold out for dear life for me considering it has been with me for 4 months.

So off they go to a new storage space. Randomness.