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Scott Pilgrim arrives!

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Movies

I was disappointed big time when I found out Scott Pilgrim would not be shown in theatres locally- and yesterday marked the end of my agonizing wait for the BR release. I got a copy of it (downloaded, since I’m a cheapo) and spent no second wasted and watched it before hitting the sack. This, I might say has been one of my most anticipated movies ever since I saw the hype over at

The story is fairly straightforward, doesn’t really require much thinking and that is why it was a fun movie to watch. It involves 22-year old, bass player of the band Sex Bob-omb, (Hats off to you if you know where the name is from) Scott Pilgrim who fell for ┬áRamona Flowers and in order to win her, our guy must defeat all of Ramona’s SEVEN! EVIL! EX! BOYFRIENDS! (That’s how they say it in the movie. Exclamation points and all). The movie would puzzle some people not familiar with video game and comic icons as it really depicts full geek imagery in all of its beautiful glory in forms such as enemies exploding into coins when defeated, the popular 1-UP, flaming katanas, Hit combos, beat-em-up references and a plethora of kick-ass moves – well, it was based off a graphic novel of the same name so you get the picture.

It was really a fun movie to watch, might disappoint some who simply do not know what a “64-Hit Combo” is or what a “1-UP” could do, but overall it delivered quite well to my liking. Now let me go back to beating the game…