Pwning the “Copy Protected”

Posted: January 28, 2011 in Randomness, Techtalk

If you are like me hanging around Deviantart or Flickr chances are, you have encountered those gorgeous prints and photos. You right click over them, searches the “Save As” option but disappointment sets in to find out these are copy protected files. Sure, you can do the traditional Print Screen method but you don’t have a cropping tool with you.

If you are using Google Chrome (a different method with Firefox), there is a very easy way around this. Here’s how.

  • Right click on the image you wish to save. Choose “Inspect Element”
  • A small frame would appear below the browser’s page. Go to “Resources” tab on that frame. Whatever you choose from the 2 options is up to you. Click on “Enable Resource Tracking” right after.
  • After enabling that option, another frame would appear on the left side. You would then want to go to “Images” tab on the “Resources” subcategory.
  • When you are on it, Scroll down to find that image on the images list and Save.

Simple, Idiot-proof and effective. Happy stealing pirates.



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